Why is UCAN SuperStarch Keto Friendly?

What is the optimal fuel strategy for high performance athletes on a Keto diet?

Keto diets are not sustainable for high performance athletes. When athletes train and race at high intense levels of zone 4 and 5 heart rates (above lactate threshold levels), carbs are the first and best fuel source for these efforts.

Does it matter what sport carb drink is ingested for a Keto diet?

Yes, if the carb consumed does not significantly raise blood glucose or insulin levels, then your body will efficiently use a combination of fat, ketones and carbs for energy sources.

In contrast, if a carb significantly raises blood glucose and insulin levels, then your body will be more carb dependent, and not burn fat and ketones efficiently. 

So what sport energy fuel source doesn’t significantly fluctuate or raise blood glucose or insulin?

UCAN SuperStarch

Why are we confident about UCAN SuperStarch being keto friendly?

The chart below shows glucose responses from other sport drinks and a Gu Gel. In comparison, UCAN SuperStarch has a slight glucose and insulin increase compared to other sport energy drinks. For background information about the chart below, visit our past blog posts, Part1 and Part 2 of the Sample Size of One Series.


So what sport carbohydrate energy drink are you using?