Your UCAN Glow

Your UCAN Fat Burning Glow

     See what UCAN do in 7 days


  • A natural cooking process is used with three main ingredients of cornstarch, water and heat over 40 hours to make UCAN SuperStarch. No sugar or preservatives are added. 


  • UCAN SuperStarch is a super complex carbohydrate because of its very low glycemic profile. Fat burning is promoted from stable sugar (glucose) and insulin levels and encourages your body to use fat for fuel.


  • Women do it all (work, care give, family, train and race). So maximize your energy by boosting your meal plan with UCAN SuperStarch (morning shake, pre, during or post-workout drink).   






"UCAN is a great addition to our household. I use UCAN on all of my long runs ... and also fed two of my three children while training and living a busy lifestyle."

- Carrie Tallefson, Olympian, Running Media Personality, Coach, Mother



Carrie Tollefson

"I train by feeling... and UCAN SuperStarch gives me the energy I need for my 10 hour work days, and 7 day training schedule"

- Keddi-Ann Sherbino (Niagara, ON)  Daughter, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Winner of 2019 Buffalo Half Marathon


SuperStarch allows your body to choose between fat and glycogen, rather than forcing it to be dependent on glycogen and exogenous carbohydrate like what happens when you ingest sugary products that spike blood sugar and insulin.
- Dr. Cathy Yeckel, Human Metabolism Researcher
catherine yekel

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PERFORMANCE ENERGY - 2 X Energy // 2 X Energy + Protein Powder

UCAN SuperStarch performance energy and protein powders. Explore each flavour with your morning smoothy, pre-workout, long bike ride or post-workout recovery drink.



UCAN SuperStarch energy bars. Try all 4 flavours and use them to reward yourself or feeding your chocolate craving. An extra chocolate bar is included, so you don't have to share. 

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Hydration sticks packed with essential electrolytes. Ideal for keeping you hydrated throughout the day or maintaining hydration levels during exercise. 

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