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UCAN Company commissioned an independent IRB study at the University of Oklahoma to study the effects of SuperStarch in athletes.

The findings from this carefully controlled, double blinded experiment confirmed  SuperStarch:

- Maintains the most desirable blood glucose levels
- Demonstrates a muted insulin response
- Enhances the body's ability to use fat as an energy source.
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These three main conclusions show SuperStarch enhances metabolic efficiency and puts the individual in an ideal performance state.

Glucose Response Findings 
The Oklahoma study results validated that SuperStarch is characterised by a steady release of glucose that prevents hyper- and hypoglycemia, lessens an early spike and enables maintenance of glucose levels. This yields the benefit of reliable, extended energy without the need to refuel repeatedly.
Insulin Response Findings 

The effect of SuperStarch on insulin response is among the patent-pending findings of the Oklahoma Study. The insulin response after maltodextrin was nearly eight times that of the response to SuperStarch.

Fat Burning (Oxidation) Findings

Another revolutionary and patent-pending finding was the increased fat breakdown both during exercise and for an extended period during recovery. This is enabled by the diminished production of insulin that traditionally inhibits the breakdown and oxidation of fat. By enhancing fat burning both during and after exercise, SuperStarch helps the individual achieve the ideal body composition.

This ability to tap into fat stores while providing steady glucose levels parallels a hybrid car that runs on battery power but can also tap into its gas tank as needed. The dual fuel power of SuperStarch is what helps athletes improve body composition, gain strength and speed and achieve desired weight. You don't have to be a pro to see these results. In fact, when accompanied with regular exercise, you too can transform your body with Generation UCAN.

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SPN (Sample Size of One) Experiment 

We tested five sport nutrition brands to see how the body responded to glucose and insulin responses. 

*Last updated April 2019

We performed our own tests and found products containing added sugar significantly fluctuated sugar (glucose) and insulin levels, and UCAN SuperStarch® showed stable levels.

* 50g of each product was ingested and tracked using a Continuous Glucose Monitor with a sample size of one. This was not set up as a rigorous scientific experiment. Each body will respond differently to these products.  

The Sugary Roller Coaster

The low, high, then low cycle of blood sugar is commonly known as the sugary roller coaster.

This detailed graph shows the advantage of steady blood sugar and disadvantages of significantly fluctuating blood sugar and insulin levels.

It's important to maintain steady sugar levels during the day, training and racing. The advantage of steady sugar levels is to use fat for fuel efficiently, stable and long-lasting energy, protect lean muscle, and reduce sugar cravings.   

For an in depth presentation by Dr. Peter Attia about UCAN SuperStarch,  please visit here

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