Meet Dr. Mark 

Dr. Mark Peverett is a Chiropractor practicing in Calgary at the Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre. He has completed 8 x full distance Ironman, over 25 70.3 distances, and is currently chasing a Kona (Ironman World Championship) qualification spot.

Get to know Mark

Q1      Go to warm up song

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Q2     Favourite UCAN flavous and products

Hydrate – Watermelon. Superstarch – lemon. Energy bars – chocolate almond butter

Q3 What's your favourite way to sweat?

Long, endurance runs along the river pathways (preferably on a hot summer day

Q4    How do you consume your UCAN on the day to day, training, and racing?

UCAN Hydrate every day during shorter workouts. UCAN Superstarch Energy Powder for longer workouts (2+ hours). UCAN energy bars as solid nutrition for longer workouts, and also as a healthy snack through a busy work day. Have sampled the new gel and very much looking forward to using during long runs and during races.

Q5     Goal(s) for 2020/2021 

The ultimate goal of qualifying for the World Championships in the next 2-3 years.