Beginner UCAN Guideline for Multi-Sport Athletes

Three ways to begin

1. 1-2 serving(s) before a long and low endurance effort (HR Zone 2) lasting 2 or more hours. Ideal for a long endurance weekend bike or run

2. 1-2 serving(s) into your morning breakfast shake  

3. 7 day challenge, switch your current fuel sources with UCAN SuperStarch 

What's the difference? How should I feel?

Here are some testimonies from UCAN Canadian Endurance Athletes  

  • "I love the taste. Settles well on the gut. Gives me good energy for a 3 hour run" - Avelino G. 
  • "Finally found a product that works well and does not give me any GI issues" - Serena R. 
  • "I am a long time ketogenic marathoner. I can use all Ucan products and stay in Ketosis. Ucan truly allows you to burn fat while delivering the slow release carbohydrate, so no spike and crash..." - Louisa C.
    UCAN SuperStarch allows your body to choose between fat and carbs, rather than forcing it to be dependent on carbs.

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