UCAN Sample Performance Starter Pack

UCAN Sample Performance Starter Pack

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Product Description

A smart fueling strategy is key to athletic performance and everyday health and well-being. Our UCAN Performance Starter Pack features powders and bars for steady energy powered by SuperStarch®, and our Hydrate electrolyte replacement with no sugar.

UCAN gives you sustained energy for training and competition and helps you avoid the spike & crash of sugar-based sports nutrition. Try the full variety of UCAN products!

This pack includes 7 items (flavors may vary based on available inventory):

  • 3 packets UCAN Performance Energy powder; pre-workout food that’s easy on the stomach and gives you steady, long-lasting energy.
  • 2 UCAN bars; anytime energy for your workouts and active lifestyle.
  • 2 Hydrate sticks; electrolyte replacement with no sugar and zero calories