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What really happens when we ingest a pre-workout drink mix?

Sample Size of One Series - UCAN SuperStarch versus  Go ahead and check the ingredients on your pre-workout energy drink, gel, or fuel source you use for marathon, triathlon, weight lifting training. Do the ingredients read sugar cane, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin? If so, you are ingesting high glycemic carbs and simple sugars. When ingesting a pre-workout drink before your training or racing session, your body is most likely in a rested state. So, we were curious to see how the body responds in a rested state. This project is not a scientific study, rather a story worth sharing from a 'sample size of one'. We realize a number of limitations with this story, however, as Richard P. Feyman once...

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What is SuperStarch® ? SuperStarch® is a superior complex carbohydrate delivering a slow release of glucose into the bloodstream, and does not cause a significant rise in blood insulin levels. Benefits include supporting fat breakdown and topping off high end energy stores for intense training and competition efforts. The key difference between SuperStarch® compared to other low glycemic foods and fibers is the extended stable blood glucose levels, which translates to steady and long-lasting energy.   How SuperStarch® is made A patented worldwide process is used to cook Non-GMO corn and other natural ingredients to make SuperStarch®. The process requires a 48 hour cooking time of precise heat and moisture.  SuperStarch® compared to Sport Drinks Simple sugars (cane Sugar, dextrose, fructose, malodextrin, sucrose)...

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