UCAN Story

The UCAN Story


The company was founded with a mission to help children with a rare metabolic disorder that prevents the body from producing glucose on its own.  UCAN’s discovery of a patented carbohydrate called SuperStarch helped those children sustain glucose levels to keep them alive, and UCAN has since been dedicated to developing smart nutrition based on that same SuperStarch to unlock your body’s full potential.

Extensive scientific research and clinical trials determined that SuperStarch provides a sustained release of energy to the body without spiking blood sugar.  Stable blood sugar provides steady energy to both the muscles and the brain, and controls cravings caused by blood sugar lows. 

UCAN is the ideal way to source energy from a carbohydrate without the negatives associated with fast carbs, especially sugar.  This means that you avoid fatigue, hunger cravings, and loss of focus.  So, whether you’re an athlete, anyone working on managing your fitness, or you need healthy efficient calories to get you through your day – UCAN has to be your energy solution.

Give your body its foundational energy and be at your best everyday - with UCAN.

This is the only carbohydrate of its kind that delivers sustained energy, helps you burn fat, lets you recover efficiently and allows you to perform at your peak. We are redefining the world of sports and fitness with natural, safe and healthy nutrition.

Smart Performance Nutrition 

Smart Performance Nutrition is the premier Canadian online retailer for UCAN products. We started SPN in April 2019, because we wanted UCAN to be available to all Canadians. The company is Toronto based and exclusively offering UCAN products across Canada.

The SPN mission is to share, support and celebrate remarkable people.

The goals to achieve this mission are to:

1. To provide remarkable and accessible products and services to support people’s life and mobility achievement goals.

2. To partner with other like minded people and companies to achieve the mission 

3. To amplify extraordinary stories of achievements