About Us

What and who is Smart Performance Nutrition Inc.?

Smart Performance Nutrition is the premier Canadian online retailer for UCAN products. We are a Toronto based company exclusively offering UCAN products across Canada.

Staff and advisors are a compilation of endurance athletes, weekend warriors, rock climbers, yoga and pilates people, crossfitters, olympic weightlifters, parents, family members, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, nutritionists and dog enthusiasts.

What are Smart Performance Nutrition First Principles?

We strive to provide remarkable customer service by listening to our tribe and taking action based on their input.

We believe in making smart and evidence informed decisions. UCAN provides the most technologically advanced carbohydrate compared to other commercial carbohydrate sport products.  

We act with extreme accountability and transparency. To provide remarkable service, we aim to prioritize trusting relationships before profit.

What does this mean?

Our goal for growth is to create a tight-knit tribe recognizing the value of SuperStarch toward community health and well-being. We understand SuperStarch offers a technological advantage over competitors on and off the field, and it's our responsibility to share the benefits of SuperStarch with others. This juxtaposition means supporting a movement to inform others about the health benefits, while using SuperStarch to achieve our own personal goals.