Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is SuperStarch® ?

A. SuperStarch® is a superior complex carbohydrate delivering a slow release of glucose into the bloodstream, and does not cause a significant rise in blood insulin levels. 

The key difference between SuperStarch® compared to other low glycemic foods and fibers is the extended stable blood glucose levels, which translates to steady and long-lasting energy.


Q. How SuperStarch® is made

A. A patented cooking process is used to cook Non-GMO cornstarch to make SuperStarch®. The recipe requires a 40 hour cooking time of precise heat and moisture.

In contrast, the processing time for simple carbohydrates, such as dextrose, maltodextrin, cane sugar, and fructose are quicker. These fast acting carbohydrates cause a high release of blood glucose and insulin, which leads to slower fat breakdown and unstable energy levels.


Q. How does SuperStarch carbohydrate in UCAN help support fat burn?

A. One of the most unique characteristics of the SuperStarch™ carbohydrate in UCAN products is its low-insulin response, which is also the reason it helps support fat burning.  When blood sugar is elevated after you eat a sugary food, insulin is released from the pancreas as a response. Insulin’s job, in this case, is to get the blood sugar back down to an acceptable level.  When insulin is elevated, it temporarily blocks fat burn while it regulates the rise in blood sugar. In other words, a rise in insulin means a decrease in your ability to burn fat for fuel! SuperStarch™ exerts such a low impact on blood sugar that the insulin response, in turn, is also very low.  This means that SuperStarch™ is a carbohydrate (energy source) that does not inhibit your ability to burn fat for fuel compared to other carbs. For more info, check out the results of our published and peer-reviewed research.


Q. I've just started working out again and feel out of shape. I only workout for 45 minutes, is this just for athletes?


A. UCAN is not just for athletes- it’s for anyone who is active! UCAN is the ideal pre-exercise fuel, especially when you’re just starting a new fitness program. The stable blood sugar UCAN provides helps prevent the feelings of fatigue and weakness so often experienced with a blood sugar crash during exercise. Avoiding the crash is critical whether you’re doing the Elliptical for 45 minutes or competing in the Boston Marathon!  By consuming UCAN prior to your workouts, no matter the length or intensity, you’re setting the stage for your blood sugar to remain stable throughout the duration of your workout to help you stay energized from start to finish.


Q. I’m on a low-carb or ketogenic diet !?

A. UCAN delivers smarter energy to help you finish stronger. Our keto-friendly UCAN Energy Powders are powered by SuperStarch, a low glycemic, complex carbohydrate that delivers steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and no crash. Our no sugar, zero-calorie UCAN Hydrate electrolyte replacement is the perfect complement to your keto diet.


Q. What is the shelf life or expiry date for UCAN products? 

A. The UCAN Energy Powders and Hydrate have a 2-year shelf life and the UCAN Bars have a 1-year shelf life. The “Best Buy” date is printed on the product packaging.

Once mixed with water, the UCAN Energy Powder and Hydrate should be consumed within 48 hours.