Meet Jimmy

Jimmy Kang is the co-owner of a visual communication and branding design company, Elles and Jake . He is currently training to be ranked as a top 10 archer in the Canadian nationals rank. 

Get to know Jimmy

Q1      Go to warm up song

Any Kenny Loggins song

Q2     Favourite UCAN flavous and products

I really enjoy the cookies and cream as a mental cheat for a dessert. The vanilla makes a good combination when adding other supplements.

Q3    How do you consume your UCAN on the day to day, training, and racing?

I take UCAN before and after any running session to help keep my energy up for the long runs. During archery sessions, I take UCAN during practice to keep me fueled during my long sessions.

Q4    What's your favourite way to sweat?

Exploring any city on foot in the morning and evening.

Q5     Goal(s) for 2020/2021 

Run a 10K under 1 hour, run my first half marathon, take part in my first ultra marathon, rank top 10 archers in the Nationals rank.