Meet Mark 

Mark Herbst is a Coach/Owner of No Junk Miles Coaching. He is a National and Provincial Triathlon Champion, Provincial Road Champion, and 2x Race Across America (RAAM) Division Winner, and 2x Adirondack 540 Overall Winner. Recently he raised over $70,000 for the Simcoe-Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre.

Get to know Mark

Q1      Go to warm up song

Anything from Black Sabbath

Q2     Favourite UCAN flavous and products

I've been using UCAN Energy since 2011 when I was looking for something that would get me through Race Across America, wouldn't upset my stomach and I wouldn't get sick of using it over a 7-12 day event. I tend to be a creature of habit so I've usually stayed with the lemon-lime. That said, I used chocolate last week on a 160km ride and loved it. So, I'll be adding that to my arsenal.

Q3    How do you consume your UCAN on the day to day, training, and racing?

On training rides of less than 3 hours I tend to stick to water and UCAN electrolyte. If its longer, I'll mix a super concentrated bottle of 1-5 scoops of UCAN Energy and add in a few tablespoons of MCT oil. I'll take a gulp of this every half hour and it will get me through a 6 hour ride.

If I'm racing in a situation where I know that I'll be doing a lot of anaerobic efforts, I'll often add a couple of gels to my UCAN Energy bottle.

Post-hard effort ride I'll have a bottle of UCAN+Protein for recovery.

Q4    What's your favourite way to sweat?

It would have to be either a very long climb on my bike in the mountains or cross-country skiing on a blue-bird day.

Q5     Goal(s) for 2020/2021 

Wilmington-Whiteface 100 mountain bike race; the Trans-Rockies Gravel Race; and complete the 5000 km Ride the (Continental) Divide from Banff to the Mexican border.