#carbs4keto challenge led by @dannyvega.ms

Monday, July 29th marks the start of the #carbs4keto campaign led by @dannyvega.ms

The purpose of this campaign is to experiment with @genucan SuperStarch as a pre-workout energy fuel (complex carb supplement), and to evaluate its effects on ketosis levels.

The big hunch.... UCAN SuperStarch has a minimal impact toward ketosis levels.

Why does this matter?

Ketogenic strict diets are not sustainable for high performance athletes. When we demand our bodies to output high intense efforts, carbs is the first and best fuel source for these efforts.

Does it matter what carbs are ingested?

Yes, if the carb doesn’t significantly fluctuate or raise blood glucose or insulin, then metabolically, your body should be using a combination of energy sources of fat and carbs.

So what pre-work energy fuel source doesn’t significantly fluctuate or raise blood glucose or insulin?

UCAN SuperStarch

Why are we confident in our hunch?

Check out the chart below on experimenting with other pre-workout energy sources and UCAN. This experiment was based on consuming these products at rest, meaning there was no activity involved other than drinking the different products. We are expecting similar results while training, however, we are looking forward to the experiment and evaluation. For background information about the chart below, visit our past blog posts, Part1 and Part 2 of the Sample Size of One Series. 

UCAN SuperStarch Energy Fuel

What’s next?

Over the next 21 days, SPN will be testing UCAN and other products while training. A number of devices will be used to measure different bio markers, such as heart rate variability, glucose and ketone levels. The training will primarily be on a stationary bike measuring power/watts, speed etc...

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