UCAN SuperStarch, Canada, and Self-Experimenting

In this blog series we are going to better inform ourselves and share information with the community about UCAN SuperStarch as a fuel source, and explain why it’s a critical tool in your nutrition plan and training.

What you can you expect in this series?

We’ll be performing simple self-experiments using different carbohydrate drinks, and comparing the results to see the effect on performance.

What questions can we expect you to answer?

  1. What are the typical marketing messages and assumptions around carbohydrate drinks and what needs to be debunked.
  2. Is SuperStarch really the smarter choice among sport carbohydrate products.
  3. How does SuperStarch affect body composition and fat?
  4. We are on a... low-fat, low-carb, keto-adaptive, organic, non-gmo, gluten, vegan diet… how does SuperStarch impact these nutrition plans?

Why self-experiment, when you already are selling the product? Don’t you folks have biases?

We are 100% biased about UCAN being the smarter choice, but we are a curious bunch, and interested in replicating some of the studies UCAN company and other medical professionals have done. For example, UCAN has completed studies comparing Maltodextrin and SuperStarch, we are also interested in learning the effect of other simple carbohydrates found in endurance drinks, such as cane sugar, dextrose, and fructose.

So we invite you on our self-experimenting journey, and look forward to chatting with you further!