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Keddi-Anne resides in Niagara, ON, trains 6 times a week at a crossfit gym, and runs an average of 60km per week. 

When Keddi-Anne finished first overall at the 2019 Buffalo Half Marathon, she looked at the official race clock to see her finishing time of 1:23, because she wasn’t wearing any devices. 

In college, Keddi-Anne raced competitively with a personal best of 1:18 for half marathon distance. Almost a decade later, Keddi-Anne finished first overall in the Buffalo Half Marathon, just 5 minutes shy of her personal best, and with only 4 months of focused training. 

Keddi-Anne’s secret to success is to train by feeling, which has helped her podium twice over the last three months at two American races. She attributes her results from focused feeling training. 

 “Training on feeling allows me to rely on my own instincts and focus without the distraction of devices, so I can train my mental toughness to dig deep and demand the best of myself”

Her fuelling strategy is an important part of her training and racing. 

“My nutrition plan for the Buffalo Half Marathon was to take 2 scoops of Cocoa Delite and 1000ml of water, 30 minutes before the race”

UCAN Keddi-Anne cocoa delite superstarch

Keddi-Anne did not ingest any other nutrition or water during the race.

The next race Keddi-Anne is training for is the Scotiabank half marathon! Stay tuned for updates on her race prep!

Feel free to say hi to Keddi-Anne on Instagram @kaliveactive