Is your sport gel stuck in the 80s?

Coca Cola and Bananas - Early 1980s

In the beginning days of Ironman, Coca Cola and Bananas were the main sport fuel sources.

"I ate just Coca Cola and Bananas for my sport fuel from start to finish" - Mark Herbst, ON

First Energy Gel - Late 1980s

Squeezy 'gel' co-developer, Dr. Tim Noakes, authored a book “Lore of Running” (1987), theorizing carbohydrates were the main fuel source during endurance efforts. The main ingredients in the gel were fast acting cabs consisting of maltodextrin and dextrose (glucose), and in the 90s, fructose was introduced as an alternative fast acting source of energy separate from glucose and other sugars. 

UCAN LIVSTEADY® Developed - 2008

Most current commercial sport fuels (ex. Gu, Maurten, and Tailwind) continue to use maltodextrin, glucose, fructose or dextrose as main ingredients of fuel for energy.

In 2008, UCAN LIVSTEADY® was created as a revolutionary slow burning carbohydrate. This revolutionary carbohydrate provides athletes with steady, long-lasting energy without the spikes and crashes associated with sugar and other common carbs.

Mark & UCAN - Today

In 2011, Mark, 55 years at the time, competed in ultra-endurance events winning Race Across America. One of the biggest changes was to his fuelling strategy by using a combination of slow-carbs and MCT oils to his drink mix. This allowed Mark to eliminate his GI issues from years of using fast carbs alone, and achieve numerous victories in his 50's and 60's.

In 2022, Mark is the Ontairo cycling road champion!

“UCAN LIVSTEADY was a revolutionary super carb for me”  Mark Herbst