Is your sport gel
stuck in the 80s?

‘Don’t Stop Believin’, written/sung by Journey, is a timeless 80s rock song, and is now the best-selling digital track from the 20th century. The band members wrote the song in inspiration of embracing change and continuing toward their pursuits.

The 80s were responsible for a lot of cultural influences today and endurance nutrition was one of them. The first energy gel was co-developed by Tim Noakes - Squeezy - in the late 80s

 Squeezy - co-developed by Dr. Tim Noakes - in the late 80s.


Squeezy 'gel' co-developer, Dr. Tim Noakes, authored a book “Lore of Running” (1987), theorizing carbohydrates were the main fuel source during endurance efforts. The main ingredients in the gel were fast acting cabs consisting of maltodextrin and dextrose (glucose), and in the 90s, fructose was introduced as an alternative fast acting source of energy separate from glucose and other sugars. 

Many of these fast carbs are STILL found in sport fuels today, and have resulted in GI Issues and sugar crashes, such as self-induced bonking (too much sugar).

Dr. Mark Peverett (Age), Chiropractor at Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Calgary, competed in (80s event - linking picture above) and used (fuel strategy) and continued using this mixture throughout ( years) of endurance racing. In July 2021, Mark competed in an ultra-endurance event smashing his Personal Best. One of the biggest changes was to his fuelling strategy by using UCAN Edge. This allowed Mark to eliminate his GI issues from years of using fast carbs alone. 

“UCAN gives me the confidence that my fueling will carry me through the long days of endurance training and racing” - Mark Peverett

In 2012, UCAN patented a revolutionary carbohydrate called SuperStarch - a slow-carb energy source, without sugar or stimulants delivering a slow-release of carbohydrates to steady your blood sugar for long lasting energy. 

Don't get stuck in the 80s, try UCAN!

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