Meet Emily 

Emily Rolfe is a full-time Crossfit Pro and a Medical Radiographer. She has multiple podiums and high finishes. Her background as a national level gymnast and pole vault competitor has given her the skills, training and discipline to achieve
her CrossFit goals.

Get to know Emily

Q1     Name one thing everyone should experience in your city 

In my opinion, Vancouver BC is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. (when it’s not raining!) A few things I’d definitely recommend are: Hiking in the North Shore mountains, riding the many biking trails along the city beaches, tasting the best sushi outside of Asia.

Q2    What’s your favourite workout or way to sweat?

Favourite way to sweat and spike my heart rate is crossfit, but I am a sucker for long runs or a good track workout.

Q3    What are your athletic goal(s) for 2020/2021?

Goals for 2021 are to qualify for the 2021 Crossfit Games again and then finish within the top 10.

Q4    How do you consume your UCAN on the day to day, training, and racing?

I sip on UCAN + Protein during the work day in the afternoon so that I am not starving when I go to my second session before dinner. This satiates me and also gives me some energy for the session. During competition I HAMMER the UCAN superstarch. Before, during and after every single event.

Q5    What are your favorite UCAN flavours and products?

My favourite UCAN flavor is the Cran-Raz superstarch. I also am a huge fan of anything peanut butter so the chocolate PB energy bars are a huge staple in my diet.