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Simple sugars and fast carbs can cause a high-low-high cycle of blood sugar in your body

 UCAN SuperStarch delivers steady energy than simple sugars and maltodextrin - energy sources in many sport and gel mixes

We tested UCAN SuperStarch and different sport mixes and gels (at rest) using a Continuous Glucose Monitor - a device used to monitor blood glucose on a continual basis

*** This test was not designed to be a rigorous scientific study, and was only a sample size of one


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Curb Hunger Cravings

The afternoon slump and subsequent trip to the candy bowl or coffee machine at work is often caused by dips in blood sugar. Keeping your blood sugar stable can help you curb those midday cravings, have better focus by reducing brain hunger, and avoid mindless snacking.

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Burn Fat for Fuel More Efficiently

You can burn fat efficiently during your workout if blood sugar is stable. On the other hand, if you have a big surge in blood sugar by eating lots of simple carbohydrates right before you workout, your body has to burn them off first.

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Health and Wellness

Most athletes and active people over consume sugar-based sports foods and drinks. There is a substantial downside to overusing sugar in terms of performance, recovery, health, and longevity. Keeping your blood sugar stable is an essential component of metabolic health and wellness.

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Athletic Performance

The opposite of performance is fatigue. You’re much less likely to become fatigued if blood sugar is steady for the duration of a training session. This means an increased ability to train harder for longer!

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