How much sugar is in your sport drink?

The Sugar Roller Coaster 
This roller coaster is the low, then high, the low again blood sugar cycle.




How complex are my sport drink carbs?

We conducted a small scientific experiment with a biased sample size of one. 

Kevin, ingested 50 grams of each of the sport drink, in the morning, and fasted 12 hours prior to each test. He used a continuous glucose monitor to measure how his glucose and insulin levels responded.

Check out the results below:

What does this tell us?

How Kevin's glucose and insulin levels responded to each sport drink. 

UCAN SuperStarch

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Molecular Weight Matters

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Why does this matter?

Studies have shown if the carb doesn’t significantly fluctuate or raise blood glucose or insulin, then metabolically, your body should be using a combination of energy sources of fat and carbs.

Benefits for Endurance Athletes Etc...

Keto, Low Carb High Fat, Fat Adapted?

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