Is your sport gel
stuck in the 80s?

Mark Herbst at Ironman Kona 84' - Nutrition Strategy (Coca Cola and Bananas) 

 First energy gel was co-developed by Tim Noakes - Squeezy - in the late 80s 
Ingredients: Maltodextrin and Dextrose (Fast Carbs)

Mark Herbst at Ironman Kona - Age category (50-54)

“UCAN SuperStarch was a revolutionary super carb for me”  Mark Herbst 

In 2011, Mark,55 years at the time, competed in ultra-endurance events winning Race Across America. One of the biggest changes was to his fuelling strategy by using a combination of slow-carbs and MCT oils to his drink mix. This allowed Mark to eliminate his GI issues from years of using fast carbs alone, and achieve numerous victories in his 50's and 60's.

In 2012, UCAN patented a revolutionary carbohydrate called SuperStarch - a slow-carb energy source, without sugar or stimulants delivering a slow-release of carbohydrates to steady your blood sugar for long lasting energy

Don't get stuck in the 80s, try UCAN!

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Buy UCAN SuperStarch Energy Powders

Buy UCAN SuperStarch Energy Powders


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CORE Body Temperature Monitor