UCAN SuperStarch -VS- Sugar

The low, high, then low cycle of blood sugar found among sugary food products is commonly known as the sugary roller coaster. 
ucan sugar roller coaster


It's important to maintain steady sugar levels during the day, training and racing. The advantage of steady sugar levels is to use fat for fuel efficiently, stable and long-lasting energy, protect lean muscle, and reduce sugar cravings.   

 How SuperStarch is cooked?

ucan cooking process

*Hydrothermally cooked without chemicals or enzymes*

Why is SuperStarch better than Sugar or Maltodextrin?

Reason 1: No sugar or stimulants 

SuperStarch is a super carb and does not contain any sugar or stimulants. 

Reason 2: Gentle on the Stomach 

Since molecular weight and low gastrointestinal pressure are inversely related (more weight results in less pressure), SuperStarch rapidly leaves the stomach and intestines, and is more gentle on the stomach. 

Reason 3:  Time-Released Digestion 

SuperStarch promotes a positive delayed and continual glucose absorption over time. The results lead to a minimised hormone insulin response.

Reason 3: Low Glycemic and Hormone Insulin Response  

If the carb consumed does not significantly raise blood glucose or hormone insulin levels, then your body will efficiently use a combination of fat, ketones and carbs for energy sources.

* Reasons why from Dr. Jeff Volek, expert researcher in low carb athletic performance and Chief Science Officer and Co_Founder of Virta Health. 

Independent Scientific Study 

UCAN Company commissioned an independent IRB study at the University of Oklahoma to study the effects of SuperStarch in athletes.

Three major findings from this carefully controlled, double blinded experiment confirmed SuperStarch:

1. Maintains the most desirable blood glucose levels
2. Demonstrates a muted insulin response
3. Enhances the body's ability to use fat as an energy source
4. Insulin response of maltodextrin is significantly higher than SuperStarch


Why not fuel with plain cornstarch? 

molecular weight of UCAN superstarch compared to cornstarch

Molecular weight matters when fueling. The bigger the molecular, the easier it is for the body to digest the food into energy, and easier on the stomach. 

How about Keto or Low Carb High Fat Diets?

Adding UCAN SuperStarch to your nutrition plan is another tool to further enhance athletic performance without significantly impacting insulin and ketone levels. Learn more here.


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