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It’s all about feeling…. - Keddi-Anne, Winner of 2019 Buffalo Half Marathon

Keddi-Anne resides in Niagara, ON, trains 6 times a week at a crossfit gym, and runs an average of 60km per week.  When Keddi-Anne finished first overall at the 2019 Buffalo Half Marathon, she looked at the official race clock to see her finishing time of 1:23, because she wasn’t wearing any devices.  In college, Keddi-Anne raced competitively with a personal best of 1:18 for half marathon distance. Almost a decade later, Keddi-Anne finished first overall in the Buffalo Half Marathon, just 5 minutes shy of her personal best, and with only 4 months of focused training.  Keddi-Anne’s secret to success is to train by feeling, which has helped her podium twice over the last three months at two American...

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Why is UCAN SuperStarch 1752X better than other sports carbohydrate energy drinks?

A 40 hour cooking process results in a super elongated complex carbohydrate glucose polymer with a molecular weight of approximately 500,000 to 600,000 g/mol.  How does the molecular weight compare between SuperStarch and Cornstarch? Cornstarch has a molecular weight of  692.7 g/mol. As a result, UCAN SuperStarch is almost 866X more complex than regular cornstarch. Why does molecular weight matter?  Three reasons why from Dr. Jeff Volek, expert researcher in low carb athletic performance and Chief Science Officer and Co_Founder of Virta Health.  Reason 1 - Gentle on the Stomach Since molecular weight and low gastrointestinal pressure are inversely related (more weight results in less pressure), SuperStarch rapidly leaves the stomach and intestines, and is more gentle on the stomach. ...

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Why is UCAN SuperStarch Keto Friendly?

What is the optimal fuel strategy for high performance athletes on a Keto diet? Keto diets are not sustainable for high performance athletes. When athletes train and race at high intense levels of zone 4 and 5 heart rates (above lactate threshold levels), carbs are the first and best fuel source for these efforts. Does it matter what sport carb drink is ingested for a Keto diet? Yes, if the carb consumed does not significantly raise blood glucose or insulin levels, then your body will efficiently use a combination of fat, ketones and carbs for energy sources. In contrast, if a carb significantly raises blood glucose and insulin levels, then your body will be more carb dependent, and not burn...

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#carbs4keto challenge led by

Monday, July 29th marks the start of the #carbs4keto campaign led by The purpose of this campaign is to experiment with @genucan SuperStarch as a pre-workout energy fuel (complex carb supplement), and to evaluate its effects on ketosis levels. The big hunch.... UCAN SuperStarch has a minimal impact toward ketosis levels. Why does this matter? Ketogenic strict diets are not sustainable for high performance athletes. When we demand our bodies to output high intense efforts, carbs is the first and best fuel source for these efforts. Does it matter what carbs are ingested? Yes, if the carb doesn’t significantly fluctuate or raise blood glucose or insulin, then metabolically, your body should be using a combination of energy sources of...

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Sample Size of One Series - Part 2 - What really happens when we ingest a pre-workout drink mix?

Kevin, our Sample Size of One, self-experimented with five popular sport drinks. Kevin’s routine was to wake up at 530am and before 6am consume 50 grams of one carbohydrate energy product mixed with 350ml of water. Kevin then rested for two hours and observed his glucose levels with a Dexcom 5 continuous glucose monitor. For more information about the glucose monitor please visit the first blog in this series. Click here. Each product was consumed once and at least 24 hours apart from one another. Why 50 grams of carbohydrates? Consuming 50 grams of carbohydrates is a standard clinical trial amount. We understand the quantity will vary for each person when training, and the recommendations from the sport energy companies...

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